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Inhibio is a portfolio of compounds for preventing biofilm formation. It can be applied in several manners, such as a coating or incorporated in materials.

Biofilm formating

The problem, biofilm:

Biofilms are dynamic, and we can look at the formation in three stages:

  1. Bacteria attach themselves to a surface, starts growing and producing slime
  2. The bacteria can survive in mature biofilm for years
  3. Bacteria can leave the biofilm and contaminate products and other environments

We can see a great effect when Inhibio is introduced in or prior to the first stage of biofilm formation:

Inhibiting biofilm formation with Inhibio

The solution, Inhibio’s portfolio of compounds:

  • Targets formation of biofilm, i.e. are preventive
  • Reduces the formation of biofilm by > 90% of a variety of bacteria in laboratory experiments
  • Biodegradeable and not bio-accumulating