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Inhibio brings a portfolio of compounds showing great potential as biofilm inhibitors to the market. Laboratory experiments show that the substances identified reduce the establishment of biofilm by > 90%.

Preventing development of biofilm and biofouling is an old battle, across numerous settings and applications such as preventing growth of biofilm in oil production, on ships, pools and pipes. For industrial processes, biofilm create a problem by causing pipe plugging, corrosion and water contamination.

Biofilms are advanced societies of bacteria and other microorganisms, usually attached to a surface and embedded in self-produced, protective slime. The biofilm way of life is a survival strategy. In biofilm, bacteria are very well protected against external stress like extreme temperatures, lack of nutrition and water, and unfortunately also disinfectants, antibiotics and other biocides.

Biofilms may form on living or non-living surfaces in almost any environment where there is a combination of moisture and nutrients. Once bacteria have formed biofilm, other organisms like plants, algae and animal can also attach, resulting in biofouling. Biofilms and biofouling are responsible for billions of dollars in lost industrial productivity, as well as product and capital equipment damage each year.

Inhibio offers sustainable biocontrol solutions, tailor made for different industrial segments:

  • oil plattform

    Oil & gas

  • Ship


  • fish farm


  • food production

    Food and packaging

Inhibio is exploring and developing solutions for biofilm inhibition addressing needs in several industries listed above.

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